Poster created by Cameron Leslie

When the reality of ALEX's 16th Birthday does not meet her expectations, she isolates herself and copes in unhealthy ways.

​"Sensory Overload: Taste's Bitter" serves as a proof of concept for the third part in a series of 5 short films, each correlated to one of the five senses. The series "Sensory Overload" follows one character, ALEX, throughout various stages of her life as she deals with the repercussions of living in/being consumed by the digitally mediated world we know today. This series seeks to put into perspective the effects our digital world has had on our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world around us. "Taste's Bitter" tracks Alex on what she believes to be the most Important day of her life so far: her 16th birthday. Disappointment after disappointment leads Alex down a self-hatred rabbit hole, crescendoing in a final binge-eating scene. 
My role as producer included supervising the student-run set, creating a safe-environment for not-so-safe topics, setting up craft services, and even jumping in as an extra at one point when needed.
BTS Photos taken by Erin Martin.
Stills from "Taste's Bitter," Directed by Sydney A. Steinberg.
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