Each week, engaged co-hosts Andrew Collin (FBoy Island, Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, The Nikki Glaser Podcast) and Brenna Larocque (Esthetician and Andrew’s fiancé) joke about everything, mostly their own relationship. With a new topic each week, we hear from our listeners and offer bad advice that will probably make everything worse.
Collin presented me with the opportunity to produce a podcast for him in August, 2023. He previously had a podcast that he had started and stopped production on five times, "Puddles," before switching to a different title and failing at a rebrand. I presented to him an updated iteration of "Puddles" which would have a more structured format, as well as bringing Larocque on as a permanent co-host. 
Listeners quickly resurfaced for the sixth reprise of Puddles, this time with a fun new introduction video of the couple taking their cat on a walk to the tune of the original theme song, and weekly specialized segments, such as trivia or the "Snews" - mediocre news you may not have read about in the headlines. 
My responsibilities as producer include developing the format for each weekly show, compiling research for podcast segments, set dressing, lighting and camera set-up, editing the episodes (and bonus episodes on Patreon), creating enticing graphics for social media and clickbait-type thumbnails for YouTube, and on-screen producing. 
One time-responsibilities included producing the intro video, digitizing the "Puddles" logo, and creating a new, up-to-date brand kit for the show's rebrand. 
Ending credits
Ending credits
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