Host Jay Light with Guest Liz Glaser (2022). 

In the Summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to move to Los Angeles through Elon University's LA program and intern with stand-up comedian, television writer, and podcaster Jay Light. While interning, the main scope of work I completed was in pre-production, production, and social media management for his podcast, "Blockbusting," and a design rebrand and marketing for his game show, "Wrong!" Here are some highlights from my producing experience.

Pre-Production: To prepare for each podcast episode, I completed research, booked guests, copy wrote, reviewed past episodes to make changes to improve overall production, and created a Cheat Sheet for Jay to refer to during each episode. As far as my legacy goes, before I arrived, there was no document that logged every episode of Blockbusting. This is important for proper management as each episode features a different guest, opinion, and film. I created a document that logged all of these elements for the listed 325 episodes of Blockbusting to ensure no films get repeated, and if it’s a guest’s returning episode.

Production: On the day of recording a podcast episode, I used my skills as a producer to ensure the recording went smooth and we wouldn't have to resort to a plan B.  On days that we recorded more than one episode, I made sure that Jay had a second shirt to switch into for the second guest so it appears we didn't film back to back when the episodes get released. My responsibilities during recording included taking notes and organizing them with time stamps, pulling out specific segments to be turned into clips once handed over to the editor, as well as marking spots in the timeline that would be good for advertisements and chapters for YouTube. 

Social Media Management: 3-4 posts a week, I created enticing captions for the podcast’s social media clips to be posted to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube Reels. Something I made sure to do was curate the copywriting to each platform’s caption rules and restrictions, as well as adding appropriate hashtags and links to keep the posts trending and relevant. Over the two months, I designed a new social media branding style guide alongside new thumbnails for Youtube videos and Instagram and Twitter posts. The audience following significantly rose due to these implemented changes. Alongside reels, I created a new set of graphics to synchronize all social media platforms, alongside a style guide for the next social media manager to be able to continue from a template.
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